The What.

Art4BnB provides artists with access to over 2 million customers daily in more than 6 million locations around the world. Offering a lucrative revenue stream for Holiday Home owners and Artists around the world. Every guest experiences art to live with, enjoy and buy.

The Story.

Walls for art

ARTBnB is the brainchild of Andrew Scanlan (frustrated artist and serviced accommodation owner) and entrepreneur, media-guru, Adam Ridgway.

We work on the principle that “every space is enhanced by good art”. Art provides soul and character to any room and delivers the unique emotional connection we feel within a space. Art needs walls and we are providing them.

The problem for most artists is the difficulty in getting exposure for their work. There are millions of great artists across the globe producing beautiful artworks that only very few people get to enjoy. Very few artists will get a chance to exhibit in galleries and those that do are often charged extortionate commission on the sale of their work.

We came up with a concept that would help artists achieve global exposure whilst providing a simple strategy to turn their art into substantial income. We have achieved this by connecting with the global phenomena of serviced and holiday accommodation. There are at least 6 million serviced accommodation properties around the world and they all have one thing in common. They have walls for art. Effectively 6 million art galleries that can be enhanced by selling art to its guests.

Owners of Hotels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, and Serviced Accommodation can increase their revenue substantially, simply by hanging beautiful artwork on their walls. Guests can experience living with great art whilst they stay in the accommodation and have simple access to buying the art and having it delivered and waiting for them when they get home.

Art4BnB provides the platform delivering a global market to all artists which allows them to turn their art into successful lucrative businesses. It also generates a new and substantial income stream for Serviced Accommodation owners all over the world.

The How.


Art must be available to purchase as high quality signed prints.

  • Subscribe as an artist on the Art4BnB website
  • Complete your artist profile
  • Await Art4BnB approval (within 24 hours)
  • You will receive a simple step by step guide of how to maximise returns from your art.
  • Your page goes live and you now have access to holiday let and hotel property hosts around the world.
  • When a host selects your art he will place an order.
  • Ship your orders direct to the host.
  • Host will hang your art on the walls of their properties and promote sales to each of their guests.
  • Guests place orders direct in three clicks through Art4BnB.


  • Subscribe as a Host on the Art4BnB website.
  • You will receive a welcome pack on how to maximise sales of art through your property.
  • Check out the art and artists and select the art you feel will compliment your property. (Assistance available should you wish some guidance on your selections)
  • Complete order and make payment.
  • You will receive creative promotional material to display.
  • Once you receive the art shipment you need to arrange framing. (guidance is available)
  • Hang your beautiful new art and display promotional material.
  • When your guests place an order you will receive a 20% commission on every piece sold.
  • At point of order, we will encourage up sales of additional art. Any resulting sales will also generate a 20% for the host.