Whilst our key goal at Art4BnB is to provide an additional income stream for the owners of holiday homes, hotels, B&Bs and services accommodation, we also aim to enhance the environment within these properties through great art. We want to make your property a unique attraction for your guests and deliver to you a key selling point for your marketing strategies.

Art4BnB offers a dizzying array of great art. The question for the host is, how do you choose the right pieces for your Serviced Accommodation Properties?

We felt it may help to highlight some of the points to consider when making your decision.


  • Choose pieces that fit well with the décor and colour scheme of your property.
  • Our advice is to select one artist and make his work a key feature of the property. Put prints of his work at key locations throughout the property.
  • Promote the work – We provide the marketing materials, artist profile and buying code for all our artists. If you use these effectively to draw attention to the art, you will make sales throughout the year.
  • Select art that your guest demographic can afford.
  • If your property attracts higher earning clients then invest into the more expensive art options. Remember, you earn a commission on each sale, so the higher the priced the art the more income is generated.
  • Highlight that your property is unique because of its art with the option to purchase on your website and through you advertising. People like art and could well choose your property over a competitor because of this enhanced benefit.
  • Highlight that you are an Art4BnB affiliated member.
  • You are buying prints at a big discount so use the opportunity to make your property look amazing.
  • Use our online curator to suggest an artist suitable for your property and location.


We are keen for you to be successful and are available any time to offer support through our helpline. If used correctly, we believe your membership of Art4BnB will not only enhance your income stream through art sales but also a attract new guests to your properties.

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