Original art

Acrylic on canvas

Tittle: Chaos

Artist: Teresa Albert

Price: $ 2,180

Size: W 60cm x H 45cm

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Style: Expressionism

Technique: layered, textured, abstract brush strokes

Medium: Stretched on Wooden Frame, gesso primed, Acid-free Canvas, thick Acrylic

Paints, brush, UV protect Varnish

Keywords: Chaos, Feelings, Confusion, Maze, Mind Shatter, Untangle, Troubled Mind, Erratic Brush Strokes, Stress Buster, De-stress, Flow of Movement, Spontaneous Feelings, Vibrant Hues, Freedom, Healing, Solace, Therapeutic Art, Unfold Emotions, Unconscious outburst, Inner Peace.

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This painting was created at a time when briefly my life was in a state of utter confusion and disorder a short phase of uncertainity.

To release and exit from this chaos I resorted to change my focus and de-stress my negative thoughts and troubles onto a canvas through these erratic brush strokes, creating an abstract therapeutic art.

I found myself sitting and painting away freely expressing feelings in a chaotic manner, brush strokes swishing and flying in all directions pouring out the chaos within me endlessly until there was no more space on the canvas to paint. It was a moment of freedom and healing.

Each brush stroke was a thick paint of luscious hues, powerful out of control strokes, creating complete chaos to unfold on the canvas and the flow of movement gave me stability.

Finally found a way to paint my blues away and give vent to chaotic feelings, releasing tensions and stress, allowing to face fears and letting go of chaos to heal thoughts and feelings.

Painting keeps me connected to the person that I really am, calm and stable, it is a therapy for emotional strength, well-being of body and mind, healing the heart and helping face challenges in life to move in the right direction.

I felt fully satisfied on being able to pour out my inner turmoil in an external form onto the canvas.



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The Art Store by the Natural Artist Teresa Albert (TerryChic) is a Vibrant Collection of Original Acrylic Paintings of various styles. Born into a family of Artists, Art has been a part of everyday life, hence the natural flow of colorful blends. All the Abstract landscapes and Seascapes are Inspirations from Nature. Each painting speaks for itself like taking a walk into the lap of Nature. Abstract Paintings of Expressions depicting Tranquility, Peace, Calm and Solitude. Each painting is done intuitively from the heart using different techniques and indigenous materials to splash feelings of Ecstasy, Freedom, Repose, Placidity and fascination for the dazzling beauty of Nature onto the canvas. These collections are all of Acrylic medium on stretched Canvas of various sizes, using techniques like brush strokes, pour painting, finger painting, palette knife, swipe, blow painting and making experimental patterns. The paintings on dwellings in the powerful Elements of Nature is juxtaposed against the ever enduring resilient nature of the human spirit to thrive and survive. These passionate Artworks  of aesthetic nature are images of a beautiful world, connecting people and nature while craving for freedom and happiness on Terra Firma. Viva La Nature.

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