Smoldering Brook



Original art

Acrylic on canvas

Tittle:  Smoldering Brook

Artist: Teresa Albert

Price: $ 4800

Size:  H50 X W70 cm

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Style: Expressionism

Technique: Pour Painting, Blow Painting, Detailing

Material: Stretched Canvas, back stapled, Acid free Acrylic, Gesso Primed, Acrylic Paints, Brush,

Palette Knife, Isolation Coat, UV protect Varnish

Keywords: Nature, Powerful Elements, Wilderness, Seasons, Babbling Brook, Sunset Reflection,

Magical Moments, Cluster, Red Cottages, Peaceful Settlement, Thriving Hamlet,

Magical landscape, Glittering Facades, Glimmering Glossy trees, Enchantment,

Tongues of Fire, Swaying Treetops, Natural Light Show.


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Nature is beautiful and alive in full force with powerful elements here in this whimsical Painting

of a quaint dwelling along a Brook.

Wilderness of lush forests, the rapid cascade of deep blue babbling Brook waters flowing endlessly

from under the Bridge alongside a Peaceful Settlement.

The mountains, trees and other natural elements cradling a cluster of brightly painted red cottages

nestled deep in splendor.

Seasons change, altering the environment, the leaves in Spring will change to beautiful shades of yellow,

orange and red, painting the trees with glorious colors.

Glimmering Glossy trees lit up around a thriving Hamlet, bursting with nature’s splendor like an

Enchantment, creating Exquisite Splashes of a Vibrant Magical landscape.

This is a Spectacular Sunset Reflection, creating a Dominant Impression over a Huddled Dwelling of

Magical Cottages with Glittering Facades, igniting powerful emotions within me in awe of its natural

breathtaking beauty.

The evening yellow Sunlight seems to dance like Tongues of Fire, on the Swaying Treetops to illuminate a

Natural Light Show.

This Enchanting Brook is a Burst of Nature, a wild beauty blooming with powerful elements, mountains, forests, rivers that transcend into magical seasons of magnificent beauty, untouched by humans.

I want my viewers to take in this breathtaking beauty of the endless magical moments of changing of seasons on this beautiful Earth and harness its energy to refresh and heal.


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The Art Store by the Natural Artist Teresa Albert (TerryChic) is a Vibrant Collection of Original Acrylic Paintings of various styles. Born into a family of Artists, Art has been a part of everyday life, hence the natural flow of colorful blends. All the Abstract landscapes and Seascapes are Inspirations from Nature. Each painting speaks for itself like taking a walk into the lap of Nature. Abstract Paintings of Expressions depicting Tranquility, Peace, Calm and Solitude. Each painting is done intuitively from the heart using different techniques and indigenous materials to splash feelings of Ecstasy, Freedom, Repose, Placidity and fascination for the dazzling beauty of Nature onto the canvas. These collections are all of Acrylic medium on stretched Canvas of various sizes, using techniques like brush strokes, pour painting, finger painting, palette knife, swipe, blow painting and making experimental patterns. The paintings on dwellings in the powerful Elements of Nature is juxtaposed against the ever enduring resilient nature of the human spirit to thrive and survive. These passionate Artworks  of aesthetic nature are images of a beautiful world, connecting people and nature while craving for freedom and happiness on Terra Firma. Viva La Nature.

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