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Benefits of Registrations

Immediate Exposure to a Worldwide Market

Once you register and open your online store, your art will be immediately accessible to holiday property owners all over the world. When these hosts select your art works, they will display your prints on walls of hotels and guest houses so that art loving guests can buy your work. It also means that potentially millions of people will be exposed to your talent. This will increase your status as an artist and could lead to greater opportunities in the future.

Simple and Swift Sales Process

Your art will be embedded with a visual code. This will make it very simple for a holiday guest to simply scan your print on their smart device which will initiate the order and make payment in just 3 simple steps. With over 6 million holiday properties all over the world, you could soon have your art promoting sales every day. This will turn your art into a growing and sustainable monthly income.

Its Free to Register!

Our mission is to put your art on walls all over the world and promote great art. We do not charge any fees to artists for registration, and you can load your store with as many prints as you like without any costs. There will be a minimal commission to the Host and a small admin fee for ART4BNB only on sales. This can be incorporated into your pricing. This means that both the Hosts and the ART4BNB team are motivated to make your new art business a massive success.


Once you have registered and been approved by ART4BNB you can upload as many artworks as you like. We currently have no limit. There is no cost for loading art and so you are free to show your whole portfolio.

For the concept to work there must be a reward to motivate the Host. We will therefore deduct 20% from every sale which will pay the Host 15% and 5% will be used to cover ART4BNB admin and management fees.

We have provided a blog and an explainer video on the site to guide you with packaging and shipping. Prints should be at the advertised size in printed in high resolution on fine quality art paper. Your printer should guide you. You will sign the print as the artists and number it as a limited edition. (Example 1 of 500). The print can be rolled and shipped in a postage tube. It should be posted by registered post so you and the customer can track the shipment.

You will have incorporated $40.00 when setting the price of your print. This is to cover the shipping costs. On average, this should be sufficient to cover the costs of postage to globally.

This is your art and you are free to charge whatever you like. You are selling limited edition prints which means that these will be the only prints produced of your artwork. This adds value and you should price accordingly. It’s also important not to make your prints unattainable and affordable for your potential customers. Look at the pricing of other artists on the site and use that to guide you.

Art4bnb was founded by an artist and our number one priority is to protect the copyright of all our artist’s work. We will never share a file of your work with anyone other than the Host/Property owner following his order. We will only release the file of an art print that has been embed with a visual QR code on the painting. This means that the Host can only make a print for promotion on his walls that has a visual code that will act as both a water mark to prevent unapproved copies but also as a tool that makes ordering easy for guests.

You will receive a monthly account statement and all monies owed will be released once a month to your account.

You will be encouraged to provide an artist Bio and photograph. Also, descriptions of each art piece are important. The host will provide literature at his holiday property to highlight the art and encourage the guests to purchase. You can also provide any additional support such as a video bio that can be looped on the TV when guests check in. Its in everyone’s interest to promote the art on the walls.