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Printing and packaging artwork for Art4BnB


Art4bnb can provide a successful global outlet for the sale of your artwork. However, it is important that your images have impact, both to the host but also to the hosts holiday guests. We have prepared a list of bullet points below to help you achieve this.

  • Print only on the best quality art paper or canvas available.
  • Get your original paintings scanned professionally. You only need to do it once and you then have a Masterfile for all future prints.
  • If you are unable to get your art scanned, then use a good photographer to capture the image accurately.
  • Choose a printing company who are experienced in printing fine art. Make sure they are able to fine tune the colour to exactly match your artwork.
  • Always check your prints carefully to ensure crisp focus and accurate colour.
  • Place a sheet of grease proof wrapping paper on top of the print before rolling it to put into the postal tube.
  • To add value to your art all prints sold through Art4bnb must be limited to a maximum release of 500. All pieces must be marked with the print number (3/500 or 99/300 for example) and signed clearly with an original signature the artist.
  • Always post swiftly (max 5 days after receiving the order).
  • Remember that the Host is your business partner and he will be the one to promote your art in his/her Holiday Accommodation. The more Hosts you attract the more opportunities to sell your art.
  • When you receive a guest order, try to make the buying experience as positive as possible. Swift delivery, well packaged and high quality are the three key elements. Guests have invested in your art and they may later want to add to their collection.

Follow these key points and you are on your way turning your art into income. Always remember, our team at Art4bnb are here to support you and we want you  to  be successful. Use the help line any time and we will address any questions and deliver the advice you need.