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How to price your art

If you have been accepted onto the Art4BnB platform, then you have a talent to produce art that we believe other people will love to own. Don’t sell yourself short, you have created something unique that did not exist until you made it.


Its never easy to put price on art particularly when it is a print. However, here are the things you should consider.


  • Your Outlay – How much is the cost to make a print? How much is the packaging?
  • Is the price of your art attractive to a Host? The host will consider his commission per sale and so if the price of the print is too low then he may not see the value in investing in your pieces.
  • Unique and rare art has more value. For this reason, all art sold through the Art4bnb platform must be limited editions. We allow a maximum of 500 prints to be sold of any art piece. Each piece needs to be marked with the number of the print (45/500 for example).
  • Signed – The artists original signature also adds value to a painting or photograph and preferably with the handwritten title of the piece. All prints need to be signed on the back for this reason.
  • Remember – Sales to Hosts are discounted by 25% as he is buying to put your art on his holiday property walls to promote sales. It’s important to set your price to cater for this.
  • Check out the Art4bnb website and look at the prices other artists are charging. This will give you some guidance.
  • Remember Art4bnb have a minimum price of $150 on any art piece on the platform.


We want you to be successful and to be able to take advantage of the global market our platform delivers. There are 6 million holiday properties worldwide hosting millions of guests each week. Let’s try to ensure its your art on many of the walls. We are happy to offer guidance on recommended pricing. Simply contact us through the Art4bnb help line.